Mike's Newspaper Column

Mike's Newspaper Column
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Monday, January 24, 2011

**Decades in jail for improper sexual conduct in the service;not a fair punishmenet**

I understand military deportment  as well as anyone, having taught it. But I have to say the CMSGT who entered a plea of guilty on 13 counts of sexual misconduct, and facing trial on 5 more, is looking at decades in military prison and dishonorable discharge as well as loss of all benefits. It's way too severe in my opinion.

As I understand the charges, adultery, sexual harassment and sending explicit photos of himself in emails, while certainly is something that should be punished, I think jail time and erasing his 27 years of excellent service to his country is a travesty of justice. I am not condoning it, just saying decades in jail doesn't serve any purpose and to take away his service, pay and benefits is way too harsh. It's misconduct on the part of the military justice system.