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Mike's Newspaper Column
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Ambassador Alan Keyes on the Legitimacy of “President” Obama and more

It was my sincere honor, and pleasure to dine with Ambassador Keyes in 2000. He is genuine, direct and usually right. I found this commentary on Barack Obama posted and wanted to share it with all of you.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

“Amerika” the Changed; Let’s Hum a Few Bars-by Mike Scinto

Folks, what’s happening to our country is beyond novel, interesting, historic or part of “how the system works”. What this President is doing amounts to dictatorial power-grabbing and we are just letting him, along with the help of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the other Liberal numbskulls, rewrite our laws, destroy free enterprise and irreparably alter our economic system; bankrupting our great country for our children and grandchildren.

This past week Barack Obama fired Rick Wagoner, CEO of General Motors, and dictated which models of cars the once great carmaker would be “allowed” to continue to build. He planted his own hack in the CEO’s chair to make sure the Obama magic can really go to work at GM. And we’re just sitting back and watching!

We are letting him dictate to Chrysler that it merge (again) with a foreign car maker. Again, we’re just kicked back in the Lazy Boy watching King Barack I bark out the commands for his minions to carry out.

If it weren’t so serious, it would almost be sit-com funny. Who would have thought that a young, inexperienced lawyer would assume the highest office in this land and proceed to dismantle it and reform it into a Euro-Socialistic state. Well, I suppose if you had looked at his limited track record as an office holder, and what he SAID he wanted to do while campaigning, maybe you would have figured that out……..Duh!

What’s next? Will he come to our quaint little dot on a map and tell us how to spend our tax money? Will he direct our Parks Board on which projects are good and which should be scrapped? Could he possibly decide that our economy could be better served if our local hardware store and grocery store (which I prefer to frequent) folded and let ONLY Menard’s and Wal-Mart handle the business? And don’t you think for a minute he can’t do it. Oh, maybe not by sending in one of his flunkies, but through his hands-on control of the Commerce Department and the IRS; the reins of which he turned over to a man who really didn’t think paying HIS taxes was that important anyway.

You folks who were swept up in the majesty of the new “Camelot” still believe this “change” is for the better. We tried to warn you. I was tarred and feathered and run off the Mum Festival stage for making a joke about His Highness. I was thrown out of a thirty year career by refusing to bow at his altar and accept his “stimulus” package as anything but a blueprint to national bankruptcy. And fear not, the rest of you will get yours too. He has enough in his bag of tricks to work his magic on every one of us to some degree.

How do we fix it? It may very well be too late. But we need to write, call, let our voices be heard in places like our local, state and national office holder’s phone lines, email boxes and through snail mail. And we don’t stop. We sound off continuously in places like the Independent Voice blog site; one of the few places (at least for now) the King can’t stop us. Or, as some of you have chosen to do in the past, just roll over and let His Majesty’s men rub your tummy and make everything right for you.

There’s a scary, but all too real scenario that could play out. You see, this great nation has managed to overcome greater obstacles than this would-be dictator. And it may just be strong enough to overcome his power and come out of the financial struggles on its own. If that happens, he’ll get credit and will be able to write his ticket for the next 7 ½ years. But trust me; someday future generations will pay the multi-trillion dollar price tag of this sweeping change blowing across our land! But, not to worry, as with the G-20 conference, I’m sure Michelle’s wardrobe and fashion will take our minds off the real problems at hand.